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New Book: FLUORITA. Un Siglo de Minería en Asturias. (In Spanish)
FLUORITE. A Century of mining in Asturias
LA FLUORITA. Un Siglo de Minería en Asturias

We have the pleasure to announce a new mineralogy book: La Fluorita. Un siglo de minería en Asturias (The Fluorite. A century of mining in Asturias). It has been wrote in Spanish and edited by well known fluorite mineral collectors: M. Gutiérrez Claverol, C. Luque, J.R. García Álvarez and L.M. Rodríguez Terente. A century of mining in Asturias, aimed at students, amateur and professional mineralogists, focusing in Spanish mineralogy collectors, Fluorite collectors and all mineralogy “lovers”. It is not a book on Lengenbach mineralogy, I know, but we are sure that could be interesting for all mineral collectors.

This is a book monograph on this mineral species from this more than interesting Northern Spain mining area. With more than half a thousand pages, profusely illustrated and full color. It has been built after an extensive and deep literature, old documents research (Asturias Archives, Oviedo Department of Mines, Engineering School of Mines of Oviedo and Madrid, private archives, etc). Accompanied by an extensive field work, as well as references provided by active miners and/or their descendants, mining companies and technicians who made possible these mining works.

In the book we would like to emphasize the aesthetics, the intrinsic beauty of the selected specimens to cover the vast majority of species associated with the fluorite, in each of the mines and localities. With the photography of Spanish and international as: J. Scovil, L.D. Bayle, F. Piña, J.M. Sanchis, J. Callén, J. Rosell, etc). You will enjoy specimens from many collections, domestic and elsewhere in the world.
It is also not being forgotten the details of the mining labor, which constituted an important stage in the economic development of our beautiful Asturias, and especially not to lose its legacy for future generations to know and appreciate the effort and perseverance of the real mining actors.

Title: LA FLUORITA. Un Siglo de Minería en Asturias.
Authors: M. Gutiérrez Claverol, C. Luque, J.R. García Álvarez and L.M. Rodríguez Terente
ISBN: waiting...
Pages: 568p
Size: 28 x 24,5 cm.
Weight: 3,2 Kg
More than 500 mineral photos and many maps, old photos...
Price: 75 EUR
In Spanish
Available in the Le Régne Minèral stand in Sainte-Marie-aux-Mines 2009
You could reserve your book sending us an e-mail and we will send you the book by post
(3,2 Kg - USA on 47 EUR certified post, Transit Time 10-15 days) contact us

LA FLUORITA. Un Siglo de Minería en Asturias LA FLUORITA. Un Siglo de Minería en Asturias

LA FLUORITA. Un Siglo de Minería en Asturias. LA FLUORITA. Un Siglo de Minería en Asturias.

Rivista Mineralogica Italiana, nº1 gennaio-marzo 2009

In this new issue of the italian mineral magazine we could found excellent texts and photos of the most important minerals and places of this Cervandonne-Cherbadung mount alpine area, between the Alpe Devero (Italy) and the Binn Valley (Switzerland). A magazine for alpine mineral and systhematic collectors.

Alpe Devero. La ricierca mineralogica dalle origini ad oggi. C. Albertini.
Monte Cervandone. Le specie di cui è località tipo. C.M. Grammacioli, F. Demartin, C. Albertini.
Monte Cervandone. Recenti novità mineralogiche.
A. Guastoni.
Monte Cervandone. Galleria Fotografica. R. Appiani, A. Guastoni.
Andradite del pizzo Crampiolo Sud, Alpe Devero, Baceno (Verbano-Cusio-Ossola). C. Albertini, A. Guastoni.
La Cava di Amianto della Rossa, Devero. La mineralizzacione a cuprite e djurleite. C. Albertini.
Punta della Rossa (Alpe Devero). Un importante ritrobamento di titanite. A. Sartori.
Il Museo Mineralogico "Aldo Roggiani e Angelo Bianchi" di Crodo (VB) e la sua storia. M. Mantovani.
Per una adeguata Normativa di Settore. F.S. Stoppani.

Rivista Mineralogica Italiana Rivista Mineralogica Italiana

Faszination Lengenbach
Abbau • Forschung • Mineralien (1958-2008)

Authors: Stefan Graeser, Ralph Cannon, Eva Drechsler, Phillipe Roth & Thomas Raber
Kristallografik Verlag, 2008
ISBN 978-3-940814-16-6
36,00EUR - 56,00CHF
Buy it - Lapis bookshop
Binn Gemainde Bookshop

This book, with 192 color pages, has been published to celebrate 50 years (1958-2008) from the exploitation of this unique quarry by various communities: the Arbeitsgemeinschaft LGB (AGL, 1958-1997), the Interessengemeinschaft LGB (IGL, 1998-2002) and currently the LGB Forschungsgemeinschaft (FGL, 2002-present). The book contains many photographs, some of them from our own archive, about the deposit and the mining works. In addition, you could find the most complete information about Lengenbach: geology, geochemistry, working methods, identification and mineral catalogs, curiosities... there is a comprehensive index of all species found in LGB, with many information and photos.


Faszination Legenbach

Bibliography on the mineralogy and geology of Lengenbach quarry
in the Binn Valley, Valais, Switzerland

Author: Ralph Cannon
Jahrb. Naturhist. Mus. Bern 13: 63-90 (2000)

Lengenbach quarry in the Binn Valley, Valais, is Switzerland's most famous mineral locality and has become world-famous for its richness in rare Pb-Cu-Ag-As-Tl-sulphosalt minerals. After 40 years of mineral exploitation (1958-1997) by the Lengenbach Syndicate (Arbeitsgemeinschaft Lengenbach, AGL), with a strong involvement of the Natural History Museum Bern, mineral collecting and scientific investigation of this unique locality will continue under a new consortium. At this point, a list of all scientific and popular papers published about the Lengenbach locality and its minerals is presented in order to ease access to the literature about this world-class deposit.

PDF Lengenbach