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Lengenbach-Binntal | Links


BINNTAL   In this web you will find all the information about the Binn Valley. We look forward to welcoming you to the official website of the municipality and Binn tourism office. The community is located in the Binn mineral rich valley in Switzerland. Here on the website of the community information we provide info about our valley and our community.
  Switzerland is a unique holiday, travel and conference destination in the heart of the Alps. Our motto “get natural.” applies everywhere: unspoilt nature and majestic mountains, genuine people and thrilling adventures all present endless holiday possibilities.

We look forward to your visit!
Minerant   Welcome...to the mineral collectors page Minerant. The starting point for exploring mineralogy on the internet. You will find information relevant to mineral collectors and lots of links to other mineralogy or earth science related sites.
Imfeld restaurant  

If you are ready for the best meat and fish from Binn valley you must visit Pius and Annemarie restaurant. You will find typical and excellent food and drinks after a long day looking for minerals or only having a mountain tour. Restaurant is located in Imfeld. Closed till springtime.
Tel:+41 (0)27 971 45 96 - e-mail: an.zumthurm@bluewin.ch

Hotel Ofenhorn   The hotel Ofenhorn is one of the ideal places to start enjoying your travel in Binn, a valley with dozens of jewels. A very nice Hotel located in the center of Binn close to the river, with an excellent food.
Since 1964, the valley is a place to visit due to the scenic beauty of the virgin sites, the richness of flora and minerals. Classified as a Swiss Historic Hotel.
Schweizer Strahler  

This magazine "Schweizer Strahler" contains articles about mineralogy, paleontology and geology of Switzerland and its surrounding areas. Texts are written in German, French and some in Italian. This is the website of the magazine and the mineralogical association.
Magazine is really good and perfect for Alpine mineral collectors, with many interesting articles and notes. More info: http://www.svsmf.ch or e-mail: redaktion@svsmf.ch

Imhof Minerals   Toni Imhof is one of the most known mineral collectors and dealers from the Binn valley. He has a shop in Binn and another one in Imfeld. But in Binn shop you will find Lengenbach and Alpine minerals. Usually you will find Julia in the Binn shop but sometimes Toni is there and you cuold discuss with him about mineralogy.
André Gorsatt   André has a very nice museum in Imfeld with excellent minerals...but not to sell. He has a shop in Imfeld where you can buy many different specimens from the valley. He also prepares tourist mineral tours but also spezialized mineral tours for mineral collectors.
Ewald Gorsatt   Ewald is a young strahler who will be happy to guide your minerals tours and show you the fascination of the Binntal mountains and minerals. Also in the well-equipped stone-grinding in Binn, you have the opportunity to get creative and work your own stones to create jewelry with expert guidance.
Dakota Matrix Minerals   An easy to use, fast-loading website with good, clear photos has always been a priority for Dakota Matrix Minerals. Although the Dakota Matrix website is a major component to bringing minerals to its customers, the mineral stock and customer satisfaction are forefront to the overall mission of Dakota Matrix. Dakota Matrix’s acquisition policy includes finding minerals, which are unique, rare, and uncommon on the market. Dakota Matrix also strives to find the undamaged and the best quality minerals. High recommended website.